Knowledge Center

The LGS knowledge center provides you with case studies, examples of the cost savings and literature about LED Retrofit Lighting. Click on the thumbnails below to see larger images detailing the savings in money and energy.

Sample Case Study for Dairy Farm

Sample Case Study for Manufacturing

Sample LED Lighting Modernization Report

Sample Case Study Retail Store

Sample Case Study for Senior Living Center

Sample Case Study for Restaurant

Sample Case Study for Apartments and Condos

Sample Case Study for Cafe

Sample Case Study for Branch Bank


Frequently Asked Questions - A list of questions that are frequently asked by prospective clients.

What Can I Use to Replace my Outlawed Incandescent Lights? - What do you do now that Incandescent light bulbs are outlawed and you can no longer find them?

What Can I Use to Replace My Outlawed T12 Fluorescent Tubes? - What do you do now that Fluorescent T12 light bulbs are outlawed and you can no longer find them?

US Reports Says LEDs Most Sustainable Form of Light - A study conducted by  the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the U.K.-based N14 Energy Limited states that LED systems are the most sustainable form of light.

LED Lighting for Retail Stores: How It Improves Sales - An article which highlights the benefits of LEDs for retail stores.
Why Buy LED Lights for Commericial Use? - An article which highlights why businesses should use LED lighting and the benefits of doing so.