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"In May of 2013, Library Board Vice-President Jim Herro suggested I contact William M. Fuchs from Logical Green Solutions to come out to our library to help us address some of our lighting concerns. Little did I know my initial contact would produce such excellent results! Bill and his team came out to our site, toured, presented their products, and were eager to produce a site-specific energy audit for the Library Board which outlined a flexible plan as to how we could move forward with confidence. 

Over the next three years, we hope to be able to replace most of our current bulbs with LED equivalents. Working in phases allows us to address our most immediate needs, while capitalizing on any cost-savings or energy rebates that may apply.  
This trusted working relationship has the Town Hall Library reducing our overall energy footprint, while illuminating our spaces with superior lighting that makes for a better customer experience overall. Many thanks to Bill and all of the Logical Green Solutions team for their assistance"
Cheryl Schoenhaar, Library Director
Town Hall Library
North Lake, WI 
" Logical Green Solutions service is fantastic.  Bill spent a great amount of time upfront to talk with us and our school about our needs.  He even came up with creative ideas for our space unrelated to lighting.  At LIFE Charter we were able to add dim-able LED lights in our iMac lab.  The transformation has been amazing, students love the dimming feature.  We are excited to continue our partnership with Logical Green Solution as they help us educate our students around energy savings and the environmental impact of our decision to go with Logical Green Solutions."

Iris Hammel
Lead Teacher
LIFE Charter School
"SF Analytical Laboratories recently contracted with Logical Green Solutions to replace a portion of our inside lights to LED and all of our wall packs and outdoor lights to LED.  We did the areas in our lab that used the most electric to see the best cost savings for the company.  Once the job was complete we have seen a dramatic decrease in our electric usage.  Our $9,000+ investment will be recouped in electric savings within 9 months.  WOW, what a return on investment for a small business.                                                                                   

Logical Green Solutions was generally easy to work with.  We experienced a few “bumps” in the process but that was due to miscommunication between them and us.  Once all was resolved, the work was completed and we are very pleased with the product and outcome.  I would recommend Logical Green Solutions to anyone wanting better lighting and saving dollars on electric bills."

Linda Stack
Executive Assistant
S.F. Analytical
"I'm incredibly pleased with the 60-Watt equivalent A-Lamps that I installed in my home. As an avid gamer, I keep my lights on nearly 18 hours a day, and having a bulb that doesn't burn out in a short time is a bonus. In addition to that, I have noticed that the LED bulbs are much brighter than my old incandescent bulbs; I also am very pleased to say that, since replacing the incandescent bulbs with an LED bulb, I haven't burnt myself as I did on the incandescent!"

Michael M. Fuchs
Social Media Director
Total Team Construction LLC
"We are very pleased with the LED lighting system, which includes dimmable tubes. These lamps will save us over 50% in energy costs; they last longer and can be disposed of normally. It is our intention to convert several other of our facilities to LED lighting."

Dr. Michael D. Besch
VP Academic Operations
Concordia University Wisconsin